Gunther Yacht

Gunther Yacht was created from one man’s passion for the art of yachting , as well as the craft of yacht building. Gunther Müller, a master boat builder, is the man behind this wildly successful yacht company.

Gunther hails from Germany; a country rich with a history of fine yacht builders and sensational yacht manufacturers. Gunther Yacht was founded in 2002 to offer a concierge of yacht services to clients around the world, one of the biggest yacht service we provided was for the Asian casino คาสิโน777 which became a huge succes for us and gave us worldwide brand awareness!

Gunther Yacht is managed by Mr. Gunther Muller, a businessman extraordinaire and an even better yacht builder with an enthusiastic eye for detail, coupled with a persistent need to give his yachting clients exactly what it is that they are looking for.

Gunther Muller spent a significant portion of his professional life working with the Princess Yachts in Plymouth, United Kingdom. It was there that Gunther honed his yacht-building skills and talents before he even dreamed of opening his own company that caters to what yacht lovers have come to expect. When Gunther Müller set off to piece together what is now Gunther Yacht, he left Princess Yachts as a proud master builder.

Gunther Yachts is a full service yacht concierge service company dedicated to yacht lovers across the globe. Gunther Yachts offers a wide range of yachting services that include, but are not limited to:

  • Dry docking services.
  • The process dedicated to winterizing yachts appropriately.
  • A large variety of spare parts in stock, or the ability to find the exact spare part that you need.
  • Professional Carpentry services.
  • A mechanical workshop manned with mechanical wizards.
  • Crew Services of many types.
  • Upholstery services, and more.

Gunther Yacht also specializes in assisting yacht owners who wish to charter their yachts on a routine basis, but do not want to be inconvenienced by the paper-intensive, time-consuming task created when chartering a yacht. As a part of their offerings, Gunther Yachts’ services include:

  • The management of the charter’s reservations, and scheduling of all events.
  • The maintenance of the yacht while providing ongoing chartering services.
  • The booking of qualified charter crews to meet a yacht owner’s needs.

Gunther Yacht’s cross-section of their elite clientele has taught them to put their trust in Gunther Yacht to solve all of their yachting dilemmas in every way imaginable. Gunther Yacht has a history of meeting client’s expectations, and then some.

Gunther Yacht is a one-stop shop for luxury yacht owners from every corner of the globe. They are proud to stand behind their guarantees and warranties on the work they do on any luxurious yacht needing one of their specialty yacht services