Betchan Slot machine Installation in New Yacht Project

Yachts are very complicated and not that easy to adjust. The larger the boat is, the more complex the board systems are. Not to mention the interior, which often needs improvement or upgrade. For a new project, one of our clients requested us to take a look at the interior of his yacht. Our dedicated professionals improved some of the parts of the yacht and contacted the artisan who is specializes in innovative yacht designs and renovations. The biggest request of the yacht owner was to install a slot machine in the living area. Because of his job in the casino industry, the client received a few slot machines from the company Betchan as a gift. He really loved the classic high roller slot machine and wanted us to install the machine in his yacht. The goal of this installation was to play the game for fun and to introduce the exciting game to friends. Since our employees are dedicated to providing high-quality experiences to meet every client, we immediately agreed on this fun project with Betchan casino.

The Betchan slot machine

Getting the Betchan slot machine into the yacht was quite a challenge, but our professionals eventually succeeded. They created a space where the machine precisely would fit in, which looked very finished. The yacht owner was very happy with the result and wanted us to do some more additional adjustments to the yacht. Eventually we implemented a “fifties” kind of interior concept, including some velvet textures and smokey colors. Our professionals also added some fake plants in the living room, since the owner is not always in his boat. Therefore real plants are not an option, but the fake ones are getting more realistic everyday. We removed the previous couch and replaced in with a more relaxing leather sofa. Our team also installed a beautiful digital fireplace to spice up the concept a little bit more. In the master bedroom we replaced the bed with a round version, based on the colors and materials that we used in the living area. Thankfully, the owner offered a high budget that would fit our ideas and the concept that we wanted to integrate.

The project

The project of this yacht is now finally finished and the yacht looks amazing. The yacht owner is very pleased with the results, especially with the new fifties concept. His living area reminds him about his old home, which gave him a really nice memories and special feelings. If you would like to upgrade the interior of your yacht, or if you would like to redesign the entire concept of your current boat, our professionals would be very pleased to help you. We are specialized in construction, designing, styling and new concepts. Gunter Yacht first needs to take a look at your boat in order to calculate the necessary changes and adjustments. Together with all of our findings, we will create a custom proposal for you based on your preferences and needs. Our job is to provide a one-stop shop for every yachter’s needs in an efficient, quick and transparent manner.