Leovegas Casino im Test at Gunther Yacht

At Gunther Yacht you can find a wide verity of services. Due to the success of our company in the past few years, we were able to steadily increase our portfolio. We started out as a company who was solely based on the shipbuilding process itself. From there we quickly moved on to offer yacht rentals at our premises in Plymouth, UK. Our renting offer has been very popular since we first started working with several companies of the online gambling industry. There are even months when we are totally booked. Especially companies who have a reason to celebrate like a good test result. Recently we could welcome another team of a global player, Leovegas Casino im test scored so well, that they decided to take their employees on a yacht trip. After rentals, we turned our eyes towards a full-service offer.

This includes maintenance for example. Our service goes far beyond the usual warranty coverage. If you decide to sign your yacht up for the Gunter Yacht maintenance package, we will do it all for you. Regular engine checks as well as making sure that all internal electrical wires are in perfect condition. We also have a team of craftsmen and technicians who will double-check that the internal or external woodwork is ready for your next big trip. Recently we expanded our service offer even further. We have been proud to announce the cooperation with worldwide insurance coverage. As a side-note, the team from the online casino who celebrated their Leovegas Casino im test result was glad that they choose to spend a little extra in our insurance coverage. Because with the Gunter Yacht insurance package you are covered, even if you are out at sea. Our team will go out and check your problem out, getting you back on your cruise before you know it. Should that be not possible though, we will bring you back to our port facilities and get you a replacement yacht to make sure you will lose as less time as possible. It goes without saying, that this entire service package is free of charge for you when you decide to go with our rental insurance offer.

Thanks to our excellent connections with several providers of the online gambling industry, we are proud to point out that our insurance offer comes with several benefits for our customers. Our latest partnership brings you great advantages when you sign up with Leovegas. Leovegas Casino im Test scored so well for a reason and we did not have to think twice whether or not we should include this provider into our insurance bonus program. But our insurance program has a lot more to offer. If you choose a yacht from Gunter Yacht and decide to insure it with our insurance partner, you will also benefit from a very attractive discount. We also offer free safety courses and classes like maritime navigation. Our yacht service packages can, of course, be adapted to your personal needs. Enjoy our bonus program from our latest insurance partner and go all-in with the winner Leovegas im test!