The 3 Best Yachting Destinations in the Mediterranean 

The Mediterranean Sea is probably the most sailed sea in human history. This sea is almost completely surrounded by land, giving it access to some the most beautiful ports and resort towns in dozens of countries. The sea was home to Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Egyptians and Carthagians as they formed colonies, traded and did battle on the open seas. The Mediterranean is full of archaeological sites, many of which were built near the coastline. The clear and calm waters, consistent fair weather and natural beauty make this sea the one of the best destinations in the world for yachting. Do not forget to sample the best that the Mediterranean cuisines have to offer while you are there!


  1. Monaco

Monaco is world famous for its designer shopping outlets, glamourous nightlife, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, and much more. With the thousands of millionaires this dwarf state boasts, it should come as no wonder that it is home to thousands of impressive superyachts. Each fall, the small country is home to the Monaco Yacht Show. There, the jet set of the world comes together to oh and ah over the most beautiful and modern yachts. 

When you are not on your craft, you can enjoy a stroll through inviting, winding streets leads. Wine and dine at intimate cafes, wine bars, boutiques, and discover hidden gems frequented by locals. At night, you can enjoy various types of high-class entertainment. Head to Le Bar Americain for a night of relaxed intimacy of or dance the night away as the DJ spins until dawn at Le Living Room.

You can also go double or nothing at Monaco’s world-renowned casino scene. Play baccarat, roulette or blackjack at Casino Royale (Monte Carlo Casino) and get the best cocktails by world famous bartenders. If you are into slots, this casino has some of the best, some even rival the online slot machines found at the best online casinos. 

  1. The French Riviera

The French Rivera is one of the most glamourous coastal regions in the world. This region, also known as the Côte d’Azur, has dozens of ports that make for a perfect yachting getaway. You will find scores of resort towns. You can enjoy the jet set life of the Cannes Film Festival or the unspoiled beauty of Port-Cros, an island where cars and motorbikes are forbidden. Head to the white sand beaches of Nice. Further west, you can visit the port town of Saint-Tropez, home of Brigitte Bardot, or the island of Porquerolles, where you can escape the busy mainland hustle and bustle. 

  1. Greece

Greece is known as the cradle of western civilisation. This maritime nation’s achievements in philosophy, science, art and warfare were unrivalled for millennia. With its crystal blue seas and thousands of islands, Hellas has been a mariner’s paradise ever since human beings learned how to sail. This corner of Europe has one of the most diverse offerings for yachting. Sail to Mykonos to enjoy the beaches and cosmopolitan nightlife. Set course for Athens to see the roots of modern civilisation. Turn south to enjoy the beach bars or Corfu or the unspoiled nature of Crete, the largest island in Greece. Stop off at Santorini for an archaeological exploration and one of the best views in the world. Watch the sun set from the upper deck as you cruise through the crystal clear waters. 


The Mediterranean is full of yachting destinations and it was almost impossible to choose a top three. If you have more time, consider sailing to the rocky coasts of Malta, the unspoiled nature and charm of Corsica, the Costa Brava of Spain, the jagged coastline of Croatia or the dozens of other top destinations in this beautiful sea.